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About Me

Albie The Artist

Hey! I’m Albie The Artist.

We are all born with gifts. My gift is to bring joy through art, and from a young age I knew it was the best way I can do the most good in the world.

Albie The Artist and Harleyquin HRCGB

My art are symbols of individuality and freedom. I believe the most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. 

I’m crazy passionate about motorcycles and those who perform at legendary.

If you want to see creativity, head over to wherever bikers hang out on a sunny day, and it’s amazing to see how people have customised their bikes. That’s my idea of an art gallery and how I get all my inspiration.

Tupac Shakur

I have been featured in magazines such as Back Street Heroes, got a chapter in the book Asphalt & Dirt and have my art proudly displayed in peoples’ homes and businesses around the world.

Stay cool,

Albie The Artist