Your mission is to have an Albie The Artist commission 🤗

About Me


I’m Albie The Artist.

I believe are all born with gifts. My gift is creating art and it is the best way I can do the most good in the world. 🎨

Albie The Artist

I’m all about individuality and freedom, that’s why I do art of the motorcycle culture and  people who perform at legendary.

Albie The Artist and Harleyquin HRCGB

Outside of creating masterpieces 😎 I also love a different kind of art…boxing! 🥊 In fact, I teach a family of champions the sweet science.

Tupac Shakur

My art has been featured in magazines such as Back Street Heroes, I have a chapter in the book Asphalt & Dirt, and have my art proudly displayed in peoples’ homes and businesses around the world.

Stay cool,

Albie The Artist