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Why Metal for Edition prints?
I wanted my art to be produced on something ‘cool’, alongside the Heavyweight Paper Edition. Traditionally, artists use canvas, but I’m not so traditional.

What are the benefits of a Metal Edition print?  

  • The material is a tough, solid and weighty
  • Added dimension to the art
  • The Metal can be wiped clean

What is Embellished Metal?

The Embellished Metal artworks are prints on metal that are hand decorated with oil paint, metallic leafing, markers and other materials - adding extra depth, dimension and texture to your custom piece.

What is the Heavyweight Paper Edition? 

The Heavyweight Paper is a quality, thick paper that is triple the weight of normal cartridge, hence Heavyweight!

What are the most important things that your audience should know before buying?
I am a biker who serves the motorcycle community through art. I celebrate the freedom that riding brings, the timeless motorcycles, custom builds and the people who ride them.

Each piece is hand crafted over many hours.

What are the main services and products you offer? 
The main products I offer are works of art. The subject matter is the Biker World. These are produced on Heavyweight Paper, Metal and Embellished Metal.

My services include commissioned art for individuals and businesses. I also exhibit at events.

What is the importance of your service / product?
My art helps remind us that life is to be experienced, made of adventures and lasting memories.

Does Albie The Artist take commissions?
I will only accept commissions if I feel the finished product is something that you are proud to own and show off to your friends and family. Please refer to the Commission Price List for more info.

Can you customise the prints?
If you want to sneak in a message within the art, like “Thanks for being the best mom ever” or something, I can do that!

In fact, Rogues MCC recently purchased a piece and wanted me to sign it to the club, and it was my pleasure to do so.

If you order an art piece, and want to add something in, drop me an email


Why do you love what you do?
We are all born with gifts. My gift is creating art. My passion is motorcycles.
I got introduced to the Biker World when I bought my Harley-Davidson in 2014 and my life changed forever. I became Albie The Artist, celebrating the Biker World through art.

The biker community excited me. From hanging out with MC’s who have become friends, to the “Custom Culture” crowd where people built or customised motorcycles, and meeting all sorts of characters who ride on two-wheels.

With the help of the Biker World, I have captured many memories that are immortalised in an art piece. 

How much is postage?
Postage is free to those in the UK and Ireland.

International postage varies. If you have purchased a piece and it works out cheaper on my side, I will refund the customer the difference.

How do the Pre-Orders work?

When I create a new piece, I will post up work-in-progress images as I go along.

If you enjoy my work-in-progress images and can see yourself having the art on your walls, you can Pre-Order the art at a lowered price.

Type in ‘PRE ORDER’ at the check out. The price will rise incrementally as the artwork develops from initial sketch to the final product. However, as long as you have completed the check out process, your price will be secured.

For the latest Pre-Order product and to see the most recent work-in-progress images, visit the Biker Art Collection and look out for the ***PRE-ORDER*** sign in the title.