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Richard Noble

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In his own words,

“I am “Lil Hagrid” for my sins! The beard and hair sort of give it away, except for the fact I’m only five foot an a lil bit high, hence the ‘Lil’.

I started growing my beard when I was 15, during which time, I been newly indentured as an apprentice.

To start the day, me and the other apprentices, all freshly scrubbed, would line up for the workshop foreman. The foreman would stomp up and down the line like a stroppy sergeant major, looking for the slightest infringement to his rules, just so he had an excuse to yell and scream at us.

One particular morning, in the foreman’s opinion, I hadn’t shaved as well as I should have. For what seemed like an eternity, I was berated, yelled at and generally abused, as he tried to make me squirm in front of the others.

That was the last time a blade ever touched my face! As far as I’m aware, there’s not a soul alive, that’s seen me without a beard.”

Created in 2018


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