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The Wild Side

The Wild Side

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It was all kinda pleasant at the start of the Women’s race at the Malle Mile event. All the ladies were chatting away hoping to just get to the finish line as it was raining so hard making the surface they were racing on a massive task.

Then we all heard this huge rumble and everyone, girls and the guys turned around. A woman with a leopard themed Harley-Davidson with her own race numbers ‘192’, matching leopard print helmet, long blonde hair flowing, fully armoured, rocked up and was raring to ride.

It was an intimidating presence for the competition as they knew she wasn’t there to just get to the finish line, she was there to win!

Featuring Coco Merz - biker, business woman and snowboarder. This UK / AUS badass is on her custom built Harley-Davidson designed by the world renowned Charlie Stockwell.



The art is freshly made in various sizes to suit your space.

Intricately and intimately crafted with paint, metallic leafing, markers and other materials. Finished in a frame.